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New Britain Medical Supplies is a nationally accredited provider of sterile use catheters, urological, and disposable medical supplies.

Our Products

Here at NB Medical Supplies, we provide personalized and compassionate service to our customers and help them live a more independent lifestyle. We are here to help you and ensure you quickly get access to quality products.



Catheter Systems

Learn more about our product types by clicking the links below. Our customer consultants are available to discuss the best options for you based on your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

Closed System Catheters

Closed system catheters are the cathing system most preferred by patients who use wheelchairs, or those who experience frequent UTIs. This closed system catheter provides private and convenient cathing for complete discretion anywhere you might be, even in your car. Experience effortless insertion with a pre-lubricated insertion tip, as well as trouble-free disposal with this complete system.

Closed system catheters differ from other catheters because they have an added safety feature called an introducer tip or insertion tip. This allows the pre-lubricated catheter to bypass bacteria located in the first few millimeters of the urethra, which significantly reduces the risk of infection. The collection chamber allows the user to measure output and monitor hydration levels. There are also closed-system catheters specific to the needs of those with limited hand dexterity.

Intermittent Straight & Coude Tip Catheters

New Britain Medical offers a complete selection of straight and coude tip catheters that come in a wide variety of sizes and materials such as latex, silicone, red rubber, and antibacterial. Intermittent straight catheters are one of the most basic catheters that have been considered the original technology of catheters. They are often the best option for customers who do not suffer from UTIs and need a simple catheter, or those who are uninsured. These catheters do not come lubricated and require manual lubrication before cathing.

Catheters come in three length options: Male, Female, and Pediatric. Urinary catheters are available in different French(circumference) sizes to fit your body.

Hydrophilic Catheters

These catheters are preferred for those who experience any pain, pressure or discomfort during the cathing process. Hydrophilic catheters come pre-lubricated which promotes an easier and more comfortable insertion. This method has been shown to increase customer satisfaction because of a reduced risk of urethral damage.

The pre-lubricated coating absorbs and binds water to the hydrophilic catheter, which results in a smooth and slippery surface. The coating layer remains intact to ensure complete lubrication.

External Catheters

Male external catheters are condom-like devices designed to keep men dry and comfortable without the need for absorbents, to manage urinary output and/or urinary incontinence. There are several varieties of external urine collection devices on the market today including Texas or condom catheters, each offering security, confidence, and convenience. 

External catheters are less invasive than traditional catheters, as they are worn externally and attached to a collection device. NB Medical carries several major brands of this type, featuring flexible and soft materials for comfort. 

Pediatric Catheters

At NB Medical, we understand the difficulty you may face every day with cathing your child. Infants and children, with the help of their parents or guardians, need the tools to help find the right catheter for their small child. There are many choices for children based on what is best for them and their specific needs.

Both straight catheters and closed system catheters offer different benefits for parents who may need to help with the cathing needs of their children. Closed system catheters allow the child to void directly into the catheter’s self-contained bag so there is no need for a toilet, resulting in less mess and more sterile conditions. There are also pediatric hydrophilic catheters that come pre-lubricated and are easier to glide.

We also have catheterization dolls that help teach parents and children how to cath. We can also give children free watches designed specifically for children to remember when to cath and to prevent bed-wetting. It is important to us here at NB Medical that both parents and their children understand how to cath properly, increasing your family’s satisfaction and responsibility.

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