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  1. 3 Sneaky Things That May Be Causing Frequent UTIs

    For many, the acronym UTI is an all too familiar one. Those with frequent UTIs are always trying to find ways to minimize the recurrence of the next one. Unfortunately, millions of people contract UTIs every single year. That's a lot of antibiotics!

  2. How to Choose the Right Catheter

    It might seem like a jungle out there when you first start looking for a catheter. Let us help and point out the most important things to consider when trying to make your selection.

  3. How to Travel with a Catheter

    Although recent years have presented their own challenges to traveling abroad, many catheter users have always found that traveling with a bladder condition can be a bit tricky. We are excited to share the first blog post of a series by Wellspect ambassador and avid traveler, Serena Green. In this series, she will provide travel tips for every stage of your trip.

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